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Rilasciata la nuova versione Aircrack 2.3!

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Inviato da Admin 30 Ago 2005 - 10:47

E' stata rilasciata la nuova versione, del noto programma di wireless auditing Aircrack.

Ecco le novitÓ della nuova versione:
Version 2.3 released on 2005-08-28. Changes from version 2.23:

* aireplay: added patch for injection on Ralink USB

* aireplay: improved deauthentication attack (-c flag)

* aireplay: don't enable the prism header on athXraw

* airodump: fixed rare hanging problem in dump_write_csv

* airodump: workaround for ipw2200 wep data corruption bug

* airodump: tweaked dump_print to make more space for ESSID

* aircrack: added support for 152-bit WEP cracking

* updated the documentation and merged versioning patch

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