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Inviato da d.damato 31 Ago 2006 - 16:45

E' stata rilasciata la versione 0.6.1 di Aircrack-NG.

Ecco cosa c' di nuovo:

aircrack-ng: Fixed missing -s option

aircrack-ng: Fixed: Show a different ASCII key for a same hex key

airodump-ng: Using band option instead of bg, abg, ab, ...

airodump-ng: Fixed: fails to put wlanng in monitor mode

airodump-ng: using rtap0 as interface should now work

airodump-ng and aireplay-ng: Cant find wireless tools, exiting. should be fixed if they exist

airodump-ng and airmon-ng: rt2570 now uses prismheader (use at least beta 2 driver)

airmon-ng: Fixed: discards ipw2200 v1.1.x

airmon-ng: Fixed: show newly created madwifi-ng VAP

airmon-ng: Should now works with ash shell (Zaurus, OpenWRT, ...)

INSTALL: Added a note about warnings when compiling sources

INSTALL: Added more informations about installing aircrack-ng on windows

updated spec file

some other bugfixes

cygwin1.dll and msvcr70.dll are now included in windows package

Nella sezione Downloads sono disponibili le versioni per Windows e Linux
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